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10 Reasons to Build a New Home

Thinking about moving to a new home? One question that you may be facing is whether to buy an existing home or build a new home. There is no easy answer to this question. Both approaches have their upsides and downsides. You have to think about many factors such as lifestyle choices, budget constraints, and the use of modern technology.

However, some compelling reasons favor building a new home rather than buying an existing one. In this article, we look more closely at those specific reasons why it’s beneficial to build a new home instead of purchasing an existing home.

#1: You Have Control Over the Floor Plan

If you build a new home, you pretty much have control over how you want to customize it. Every family has its own priorities. Such priorities necessitate a specific design and a unique floor plan to fit your needs. You can control the layout as well as finishes and features when building new.

Purchasing an existing home means sticking to a pre-existing design or layout. There may be limited room to change the way a room is setup or to expand a particular area of the house.

#2: Brand New Components & Warranty Guarantee

If you choose to build your home, then everything in it will be brand new (appliances, flooring, trim, doors, windows, roof, etc.) and it will come with a warranty. There will be less chance of something breaking down which means saving money on maintenance and upkeep.

With an old home purchase, you might have to start spending on upgrades and repairs from day one. Some of those repairs can be pretty heavy on the wallet too like putting on a new roof or fixing a failing A/C & Heating System.

Thus, with a new home, you won’t have to worry about annual repair work as often. No need to negotiate prices with difficult contractors either.

#3: Less Stressful

Trying to find a pre-existing home that meets your criteria and needs can be stressful. Not to mention, you are competing with other buyers so you’ll find yourself in bidding wars and prices getting escalated more than they need to be as a result of this increased competition.

With building a home, you have less stress and you can ensure the home fits your criteria and need. You don’t have to waste weeks and months search for the perfect home, just build your own the way you want it.

#4: Move in when you want to

If you build your own home, you know exactly what you will get when the move-in date arrives. An existing home isn’t quite move-in ready. There may be a wall that needs to be painted or a roof that needs to be fixed. Perhaps the flooring needs to be redone.

You cannot plan your move-in in a convincing manner with an existing home purchase as you can with a newly-built home. That is because when you build your own home, you control the schedule and the move-in date. You can pretty much enjoy your home from day one.

#5: Build a modern smart home

The smart home is a catchphrase among home buyers these days. It is a popular concept with good reason. Modern homes incorporate many technological innovations that can transform the living experience for the entire family.

When you build a home from scratch, you can plan out all the technological gadgets and features that will go into the home. Whether it is security or ease-of-living, you can build the home in a way that maximizes the benefits of such technological devices.

With an existing home, you may be constrained by how much technology you can use within the structure.

#6: Energy-efficient home

Connected with the previous topic of technology, energy efficiency is an equally important aspect of any home. After all, you will have to pay the utility bills every month. An energy efficient home can save you lots of money over the next 10-30+ years of living in the home.

Building your own home allows you to use the best technologies and resources to create an energy-efficient home. Whether you want to use rainwater harvesting, solar panels, or better insulation within the walls, you can customize your home as per your wishes.

An existing home might not allow you the same level of flexibility in planning for energy efficiency.

#7: Up-to-date with building codes

A new home will be built as per the latest version of building codes. An older home might not be fully compliant with the latest codes.

Hence, there is a possibility that you might have to change a few things if you buy an existing home. Such updates might cost you serious money to bring an old home up to code.

#8: Follow the latest trends

Building a new home allows you to incorporate the latest trends in your house. You can design the interiors and exteriors with cutting-edge style. You can make your home look like the one you see in a glamorous magazine.

An old home will not allow you the same level of freedom to spruce up the look and feel of your home.

#9: Improved Savings

An old home may have older and less efficient appliances. The construction techniques used may also be from a different era.

With a new home, you get to use the latest and most cost-efficient techniques. You also get to put in place energy-efficient appliances that lower the cost of living in the new home. Such savings can add up to a significant number over the long term.

#10: The Emotions

Last but not least, the emotions attached to building your own home as per your family’s needs cannot be quantified. The feeling of doing all the hard work and then moving in to start a fresh phase of your life is simply priceless.

You know that no one has lived in your new home before you move in. The house is all yours and it reflects your philosophy in life. You cannot experience such emotions when buying an existing home. 

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